What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of flowing, bodyweight exercises that develop core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. With regular practice joint mobility is improved, risk of injury is reduced, and everyday activities become easier and more enjoyable. Pilates is suitable for everyone and can be easily adapted to suit all levels, including complete beginners.

RFR Fitness training sessions focus on the six fundamental Pilates principles;

Synchronising your breathing with your movements, and using deep, full breaths.

Recruiting your centre, i.e. your core, when performing the exercises. (The core is the area from your upper back down to your hips.)

Focusing on the specifics of the exercises and giving the movements your full attention. 

Maintaining complete mental control over your body and the movements you’re performing.

Performing the movements smoothly and with fluidity.

Ensuring correct placement and alignment of the body during the exercises.